Sustainable car hire

Car hire in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are 4.3 million passenger vehicles on the roads. 14,000 (0.3%) of these vehicles come from car hire companies. Europcar, with its fleet of 4,200 vehicles (0.09%), is Switzerland's leading car rental company and takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously.

A convincing vehicle fleet

The responsible use of the fleet of vehicles is an extremely important factor, particularly in the environmentally sensitive area of car hire. This is why we place equal focus on the needs of our customers and our high standards of quality and service. We are constantly working to improve the environmental performance of rental vehicles. In the years to come, our goal is to reduce our fleet's average CO2 emissions to below the limit of 120 g/km required by the Swiss government.

A future eco-fleet

Car manufacturers are increasingly developing vehicles with new drive technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption and thus also CO2 emissions. Hybrid engines and vehicles powered by natural gas, hydrogen and ethanol promise an improved environmental performance. We are continually trialling these new models in our fleet, including with regard to acceptance among our customers. The low-emission Skoda models and VW's BlueMotion vehicles are particularly worthy of note in this regard.

The latest vehicles produce less CO2

Our vehicles are always at the cutting edge of technology and are thus more environmentally friendly than other cars on the road. On average, our vehicles are three months old - other Swiss cars have an average age of eight years! Older vehicles use much more fuel and therefore produce more CO2.

Many of the vehicles in Europcar's fleet are diesel vehicles, which use less fuel than petrol vehicles. Each one is fitted with the mandatory particulate filter.

Vehicle availability

Our 75 stations give Europcar the largest network in Switzerland. This allows us to significantly reduce long transfer distances, while protecting the environment and ensuring that customer have the vehicle they require at the right time and at the right place.

Your driving behaviour can pay off!

Over the exact same route, you can use up to 45% less petrol, significantly reduce CO2 emissions and, at the same time, help reduce accidents on the road through the way you drive.

This is how it works:

-  Drive in the highest gear possible and at low revs

-  Accelerate quickly

-  Move up a gear as early as possible and down a gear as late as possible

-  Switch off the engine at red lights and in traffic jams

-  Drive smoothly and look ahead

- Only use the air conditioning when necessary


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