Your electric car subscription with ICEV option from CHF 929.-

Choose an Abo@Europcar subscription, and you have your own electric car at your disposal exactly when you need it. With short subscription periods lasting from 30 days to six months, there are no long-term commitments involved – you can stay as flexible as you want.

And thanks to the ICEV option, which allows you to swap your electric car for a petrol or diesel model three days/month free of charge, you can set out on longer journeys whenever you like. Save up any unused days, and you could have the use of a petrol vehicle for 15 days in summer, for example.



Easy, flexible and uncomplicated

As simple as renting a car: no activation fee, ready in max. 72 hours


Environmentally friendly electric subscription

With our subscription you get to drive the latest emission-free electric cars


One step further with ICEV option

Allows you to switch an electric car temporarily to a petrol or diesel model when the need arises


Fixed price, all-inclusive

Fixed monthly rate includes all costs except charging and refuelling


All-in-one service package

Maintenance, tyres, insurance, recovery service – all at no extra cost



Spare yourself the intricate formalities of purchasing or leasing a car. Our electric car subscription is as simple as car rental: choose your vehicle and kilometre package, complete your booking and within max. 72 hours you’ll be driving away in your new electric car.


Choose your kilometre package and start date


Choose your preferred electric car model and reserve it online at


Pick up your car from your nearest Europcar station


Customise your subscription by choosing the best kilometre package for your needs and you’ll never end up paying too much. Our optional electric car charging card gives you access to a vast network of local charging stations, helping you to reach every destination with ease.

Abo at Europcar 500 Km

500 KM

  • from CHF 929.- / 30 days
Abo at Europcar 2000 Km

2000 KM

  • from CHF 1199.- / 30 days
Abo at Europcar 3000 Km

3000 KM

  • from CHF 1399.- / 30 days


Volkswagen ID.3

Your VW ID.3/CUPRA Born

The all-electric VW and CUPRA models inspire with sporty driving characteristics, futuristic design and the latest technology.


Both models offer immediate acceleration and high driving dynamics, with zero emissions and high driving safety thanks to various assistance systems.

✔ Electrifying performance with 204/231 hp (ID.3/Born)
✔ Range of 300 km
✔ 5-seater with generous space
✔ 6-colour ambient lighting in the interior (Born)
✔ 10-inch infotainment system



Polestar 2 4x4

Your Polestar 2 - 4x4

Fully electric on the road with the innovative design icon! The Polestar 2 is the new chic travel companion: innovative and with a distinctive design.  

With its balanced ratio between performance and range, you always drive the right way. Discover the electric saloon with lots of power.

✔ Long range single engine with 231 hp
✔ 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds
✔ Standard range of 350 km
✔ Pilot-Lite safety package
✔ 4x4 / all-wheel drive
✔ 19-inch alloy wheels with 5 V-spokes



Volvo XC40 Recharge

Your Volvo XC40 Recharge

The all-electric compact SUV for every occasion. Scandinavian design meets sustainable materials and electrifying performance.

Sustainable, modern and comfortable - Immerse yourself in the world of Volvo and enjoy the following highlights:
✔ Powerful performance with 408 hp.
✔ A range of 350 km
✔ Innovative "Thor's Hammer" LED headlights
✔ Integrated Google services such as Google Maps
✔ 20-inch alloy wheels (XC40 Recharge)



FAQ: Our answers to the most frequently asked questions
about the Abo@Europcar subscription

How and where can I sign up for a subscription?

You can sign up for a subscription online using our booking portal at Please note that you cannot sign up for a subscription at Europcar stations.

How long will it take to get my electric car?

Your vehicle will be ready to collect from your chosen station at the latest within 72 hours of signing up for a subscription.

Where can I pick up my car?

You can pick up your car at the subscription station you select during the booking process. When you collect it from the station, our staff will brief you on your electric vehicle and provide you with other useful information.

Can you deliver the car to me?

No, delivery is not available.

What features does my car come with?

Our fleet is made up of the latest, most cutting-edge models equipped with premium features. The colour palette of our vehicles is standard and low-key.

How old are the cars?

The average age of our vehicles is less than six months. As such, we can guarantee that your car will always be the latest model and virtually new.

What is the ICEV option?

The ICEV option allows you to use a comparable car with an internal combustion engine (petrol or diesel) free of charge for three days for every month commenced instead of an electric car. Throughout the subscription period, any ICEV option days that remain unused at the end of the month can be carried over. With a four-month subscription, for example, you will be able to drive an ICEV for up to 12 days in a row (or for several periods of three days or more).

What vehicle will I get with the ICEV option?

If you make use of the ICEV option, we will exchange your electric vehicle for a comparable diesel or petrol vehicle. As outlined in our special terms for Abo@Europcar subscriptions, the specific ICEV we provide will depend on the electric car model you booked.

Can I exchange the electric car for a different model?

You can switch to a different electric model by terminating your current subscription once the minimum period of 30 days has elapsed and taking out a new subscription for your preferred vehicle.

Where can I charge my electric car?

You can recharge your electric car at a public charging station. You will find the charging cables you need in your vehicle’s luggage compartment. The free Swisscharge app and the optional Swisscharge charging card give you access to a very extensive network of charging stations in Switzerland and Europe.

Are the charging costs included in the subscription price?

Under the terms of our subscriptions, you pay the cost of charging your electric car yourself. The free Swisscharge app makes it easy to keep an eye on what you spend at external charging points.

What will it cost me to charge the electric car?

The cost of charging your electric car depends on the charging station and charging infrastructure you use. At public charging stations, tariffs vary depending on the provider, output and location.

What advantages does the Swisscharge charging card offer me?

The optional Swisscharge charging card makes charging your electric car an easy and straightforward process at more than 6,500 charging stations in Switzerland and over 130,000 throughout Europe. At the charging station, you start and end the charging process using the card itself. You are not dependent on an internet connection particularly useful when abroad). The Swisscharge app shows you available charging stations and the costs per charge. You can find further information about charging points near you and the relevant charging costs at

What services are included in the fixed monthly subscription price?

The Abo@Europcar subscription is an all-inclusive package.

Our monthly subscription rate includes all costs associated with the use of the vehicle within the scope of the kilometre package selected. This includes the cost of licensing, Basic Protection insurance, vehicle tax, registration fee and Swiss motorway permit. As an all-inclusive package, it also includes everything you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly, covering the costs of servicing, maintaining and repairing the vehicle as required, a 24-hour recovery service plus summer and winter tyres. The only costs you pay are for charging your electric car (or for fuel if you use the ICEV option).

At the end of your subscription period you will be billed separately for any excess kilometres and for any optional extras that you selected when booking.

What excess will be charged in the event of damage to the vehicle?

The subscription vehicle provided is covered by our Basic Protection package. This includes fully comprehensive insurance, theft insurance and liability insurance with an excess of CHF 2,000. The excess can be reduced to CHF 500 by opting for additional insurance during the booking process. (Further information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.)

What additional costs may arise?

Additional costs may arise for extras you select during the booking process at (for example additional driver, insurance options or child seats). These costs will be calculated at the end of your subscription period and added to your final monthly payment. Details of the exact cost of any extras payable at the end are shown during the booking process. Any excess kilometres will also be billed at the end of your subscription.


How are excess kilometres calculated?

The monthly kilometre rate included in the package you book is used to calculate the number of free kilometres you are entitled to during the course of your subscription (for example 2,000 free kilometres/30 days x 75 day subscription period = 5,000 free kilometres). At the end of your subscription period you will be billed for any kilometres exceeding your free total. You will be charged on a per km basis according to the applicable Abo@Europcar tariff rates.

Can I carry unused kilometres over to the next month?

Yes, you can use free kilometres at a later point in your subscription period. The monthly kilometre rate included in your package is added up over the course of your subscription period and balanced against the kilometres you have actually driven when you return the vehicle. The total kilometres you have driven will also include those accumulated during any use of the ICEV option.

Are other drivers allowed to use the vehicle?

Yes, additional drivers can be added for a fee. The associated costs are indicated during the booking process and can be found in the list of Abo@Europcar tariff rates. Additional drivers must meet the minimum requirements set out in our General Terms and Conditions.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. To take out a subscription you must be at least 19 years of age and must have held a valid driving licence for at least one year. The minimum age may be higher for certain vehicle categories. Our General Terms and Conditions apply.

Am I permitted to drive the vehicle outside Switzerland?

As a rule, you may take the vehicle outside Switzerland. However, please see our General Terms and Conditions for special provisions that apply to certain countries. Any permits or emission badges required abroad must be provided by the subscription holder.

Do I have to pay a security deposit for the vehicle?

When you pick up your vehicle, you must pay a security deposit of CHF 350. We will pre-authorise a payment of this amount on your credit card and will cancel it once your subscription has ended.

How do I pay?

We can only accept payment for your subscription and security deposit by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). The subscription fee will be charged monthly to the specified credit card. At the start of your subscription period, we will pre-authorise a one-off payment of the security deposit on your credit card. We will cancel this once your subscription has ended.

When will I be charged and how much?

You will pay the first monthly subscription fee in advance when picking up your vehicle at the Europcar station. All further monthly fees will automatically be charged to your specified credit card at the end of each month. Fees for optional extras and excess kilometres will be billed at the end of your subscription.

How can I terminate my subscription?

You can terminate your subscription by returning your vehicle to the station you collected it from. Once the minimum period of 30 days has elapsed, the subscription will be billed on a pro rata basis (see special terms for Abo@Europcar subscriptions).

Can I end my subscription early?

Once the minimum period of 30 days has elapsed, you may terminate your subscription at any time free of charge. Once you return the vehicle to the collection station, your subscription will be billed on a pro rata basis (see special terms for Abo@Europcar subscriptions).

Can I extend my subscription?

You can extend your subscription by phoning or visiting your Europcar subscription station. The maximum subscription period is six months (180 days).

Where do I return the car?

At the end of the subscription period, please return your car to the station you collected it from. Returning the vehicle to a different location will incur additional costs (see Abo@Europcar tariff rates).

What condition does the car need to be in when I return it?

The vehicle and all accessories listed in the rental contract must be returned in good condition. If the vehicle requires heavy-duty cleaning or has been damaged, extra charges will be applied (see our General Terms and Conditions).





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