Car Rental in Bolivie

Have the whole country at your disposal when you rent a car in Bolivie. Our easy booking system is simple to use, and you can make savings when you book online. Short term options are available if you’re planning a brief stay, or if you’re thinking of mapping out a road trip, our one way rentals are ideal. Speak to us to discover the best option for you, as you could also book a long term or monthly Bolivie car rental.

Embrace the convenience of having your own vehicle by exploring places difficult to reach through other modes of transport. Take in the scenery, propose an impromptu outing and discover life off the beaten track. Europcar offers cheap holiday car rental in Bolivie, so there’s never been an easier way to fill up the trunk and head out on a completely unique adventure! Our rentals are also suitable for business trips. 

Whether you are looking for a rental car, a lease, replacement car or van, Europcar will be happy to serve you at its car rental stations in Bolivie.

Why choose Europcar in Bolivie

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Tarija Apt Capitan Oriel Lea Plaza
Adresse Av. Fuerza Aerea, Counter Outsite National Arrivals, Tarija, Bolivie.
Téléphone: +591 (4) 6653689
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Santa Cruz De La Sierra Cen. Ville
A: Calle Dra Maria De Oliveira. Santa Cruz, Bolivie.
Téléphone: +591 (3) 33707965
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