Terms and Conditions Funway Customer Cards

1. Funway conditions

1. Funway conditions

1.1. The customer card contains the following information:
  • Cardholder's first and family name
  • Driver ID - Expiry date - Funway contract number - Cardholder's signature on the back of the card
1.2. The Funway customer card is personal and non-transferrable
1.3. Minimum age: 19 (21 for rentals abroad)
1.4. Holder of a valid driving licence for at least one year
1.5. Place of residence is Switzerland
1.6. The Funway customer card and a valid driving licence must be presented at the rental desk for each rental

2. Use / benefits of the Funway card

2.1. The card entitles the Cardholder to these benefits:
  • up to 15% discount on passenger cars and utility vehicles
  • up to 15% discount on passenger cars
General benefits:
  • Ready Service: quick and easy booking and rental thanks to the Europcar ID 
  • Free equipment: a ski rack or a child seat per rental (advance booking required)
  • Seasonal offers 
  • Gift vouchers at Funway terms
2.2. Funway discounts cannot be combined with special offers or other discounts  

3. Funway card features / requirements

3.1. Applications for the Funway card must be submitted by completing the Funway application form at www.funway.ch. The applicant must provide the following information on the application form and accept the Terms & Conditions:
  • First name
  • Family name
  • E-mail address
  • Full address
  • Telephone number
  • Date and place of birth
  • Driving licence details 
  • ID card or passport details, depending on issuing country
  • Means of payment (mandatory for Ready Service)
3.2. Once registered, the Cardholder is issued a Europcar ID that serves as a personal identification number. The Europcar ID is required for bookings, rebookings and cancellations, online, by telephone or at the rental desk.
3.3. By applying for card programme membership, the applicant confirms that he/she has read, understood and agrees to the Terms & Conditions, and that the information provided on the application form is true, complete and correct. The Cardholder undertakes to notify Europcar of any changes to the personal information provided on the application form. This applies also to any changes to Cardholder's billing address, to the status of Cardholder's driving licence or to the means of payment used by the Cardholder.
3.4. Europcar reserves the right to reject an application for a Funway customer card if: a) the information provided by the applicant on the application form is untrue, incorrect or incomplete; b) the applicant does not meet the requirements.

4. Ready Service / payment

4.1. The credit card information stored on the personal Europcar ID allows the Cardholder to use Ready Service to accelerate the rental process: if the booking is made with the Europcar ID, the rental agreement will be prepared in advance. All the Cardholder has to do upon arrival at the rental desk is present his/her Funway customer card and a valid driving licence and sign the rental agreement before driving off in the rental vehicle.
4.2. Ready Service is available for bookings that are made at least two hours before collection.
4.3. By returning the application form and specifying a means of payment, the Cardholder accepts all charges to his/her credit card that are applied in connection with a rental, unless this is expressly prohibited by national law in the country of rental (e.g. South Africa and Portugal). If the Cardholder chooses the "pay now" option, the rental price is charged to the credit card at the same time as the booking is made. Any additional costs are then charged upon return of the vehicle. If the Cardholder chooses the "pay later" option, the final price is charged to Cardholder's credit card upon return of the vehicle.

5. Loss / blocking of the Funway card

5.1. The Cardholder shall immediately notify Europcar Switzerland in writing if his/her Funway customer card should be lost, damaged or stolen.
5.2. The Cardholder is liable for unauthorised use of his/her customer card, including any fees and costs that may be incurred as a consequence of such unauthorised use, up to the time the written notification was received by Europcar.

6. Period of validity / cancellation

6.1. The month and year of expiry of validity of the customer card are specified on the card (MM/YY). The expiry date is the last calendar day of the specified month. The card can no longer be used as of this date.
6.2. The card is issued for a period of validity of two years. The Cardholder may elect to renew the customer card for a fee of CHF 35.
6.3. The customer card remains the property of Europcar, to whom it must be returned upon request. Europcar reserves the right to cancel or require the return of a customer card, without prior notice and without stating reasons.
6.4. The Cardholder may, at any time and in writing, instruct Europcar Switzerland to cancel his/her customer card. Preferential rental terms no longer apply immediately upon cancellation.

7. Storage and disclosure of information

In order to obtain a customer card and enjoy the associated services, applicants are required to provide specific information on the application form. This personal data is used to accelerate the booking process and is stored in a computer database. Cardholders may at any time log into their "My Europcar" account to verify and if necessary update their data.
7.2. Europcar is entitled to disclose Cardholder's information to third parties provided the local data protection regulations are adhered to.

8. Supplementary conditions for Funway

8.1. The Cardholder accepts the General Terms & Conditions in the country in which the vehicle is rented. Additional provisions may apply depending on the country of rental.
8.2. Europcar may amend the Funway Terms & Conditions without prior notice.
8.3. The Funway customer card does not guarantee vehicle availability.
8.4. The Funway customer card does not provide insurance cover of any kind. The terms of insurance can be obtained upon booking a vehicle.
8.5. The Funway card is not a credit card.
8.6. All bookings and rentals are subject to the Europcar General Terms & Conditions of the country of rental