Electric Car Rental Charging

Easy and hassle-free charging and billing of your electric covers

Swiss Charge Card

Nothing could be simpler. Thanks to the collaboration with Swiss Charge Card, you have virtually unlimited access to thousands of charging stations in Switzerland and Europe.

  • Simple billing via your credit card

  • Never approach an occupied charging station - thanks to real-time information

  • Don't forget to order this card for your electric vehicle

Charging is easy!

Domestic Charging

Electric vehicles can be charged on domestic charge points which deliver charging speed up to 8X higher than domestic sockets and enable safe charging.

In case you are not interested in installing a charge point at home, you can still use a domestic socket, with a 7 hour charge time providing enough electricity for a 100km journey.

On the road charging

Roadside & Highway Charging

Charging is as easy as on stations, such as those your employer may provide. Usually a charging cable is already installed in a fixed position. If there is no cable at a public charging station, you can simply use the charging cable provided, which you should always have in the boot of your car.