Sports car rental

Why you should rent a sports car:

Experience the fascination of sporty driving in the midst of the breathtaking Swiss landscape. Hire your dream sports car today and enjoy unforgettable driving experiences with Europcar. Discover Switzerland in a whole new way - with style, comfort and performance.

A premium experience

Europcar has a wide selection of exceptionally comfortable and elegant sports cars that you can rent for as long as you like. Europcar has just the car you need! From all-electric models to much-loved classics, our sports cars will get your heart pounding.

The latest features

With Europcar, you can enjoy a sports car with the latest top-class safety and entertainment features. Whether automatic, all-electric or hybrid – you’ll always find a wide choice of vehicles with all the latest features and state-of-the-art equipment you need. For an even more memorable experience, we offer a selection of extras – like including an additional driver in your booking to share the joy.


Europcar offers a wide range of vehicles, including sports cars. You can choose the sports car that best suits your plans. Enjoy a day out with your friends in a luxurious sports car. You can rent it for as long as you like, or swap it whenever you want.

Always there for you

At Europcar, we do our best to make your trips as hassle-free as possible and give you the ideal rental car experience. You can quickly and easily book any type of vehicle for as long as you like – via our online platform. Be it on our website, in the app or in branch – we are always there for you. We have a global presence with numerous rental locations in various cities and close to airports, making it easy for you to pick up your rental car.

Why you should rent from Europcar:

Firstly, all of us here at Europcar know how important your personal data is. You can use our website with confidence, as we have taken all the necessary measures to protect your personal data. 
If you decide to rent a car, choose flexibility. You can choose between short-term and long-term rentals and from various vehicle types (e.g. car, luxury car or van). We also strive to offer our customers the best rates.
Get rewarded for renting a car? Yes please! With the Europcar Privilege loyalty programme, you can earn additional rewards when you rent a car.