Rent a 7-seater

Too many passengers and too much luggage? We’ve got just what you need.

Whether you are planning a weekend getaway, a stag party or a family holiday, hiring a 5 or 7-seater car makes sense. The vehicles offer plenty of space for passengers, luggage and is much easier than public transport. You arrive at your destination on time and can celebrate or relax.
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Family-friendly, comfortable and spacious

On offer from June 2024 - the brand new VW Caddy Maxi Life. This vehicle is the ideal choice for families looking for spacious comfort and the flexibility of an all-rounder with enough space even for the family dog and sufficient storage space for all luggage.
We also invite you to discover our diverse selection of other models, including vehicles with up to 7 seats such as the VW Touran.
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Need even more space?

The T6 Multivan

The VW T6 Multivan with up to 7 seats is the right choice for anyone looking for a versatile and spacious vehicle. With its high-quality workmanship and modern technology, it offers comfort and driving pleasure for all, while at the same time providing sufficient space for transporting luggage, sports equipment or other bulky items.

The V-Class

The V-Class with up to 7 seats impresses with the high level of comfort typical of Mercedes-Benz. Simply get in and enjoy every kilometre! Everyone feels at home here, leisure adventurers with lots of luggage, shuttle passengers or business travellers.

Convenient and affordable

Europcar has branches at airports and local branches in over 140 countries. So instead of having to drive back to your departure point, you can drop off your vehicle at your destination. Save money by joining our loyalty programme. Get exclusive discounts on your rental car and collect rewards for free rentals in future. To round off your trip, we even offer discounts at all Accor hotels.

Do you need a vehicle with up to 9 seats?

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