Volvo rental

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable rental car, a Volvo is one of the best decisions you can make. This Swedish manufacturer has prioritised safety for many years. Volvo vehicles regularly top the rankings of the safest cars. Europcar has a wide range of Volvo rental cars to meet your needs – from the manoeuvrable compact class to spacious full-size models.

Safety and quality are top priorities at Volvo

Safety and quality combined with a high level of luxury – the key attributes of the Volvo brand.
In 2019 alone, Volvo sold over 100,000 vehicles in the US, and it is continuing to build on this success. Volvo’s SUV range includes the XC40 and the CX40 Recharge, both of which have top safety ratings and offer outstanding ride comfort.
Experience this exceptional quality for yourself by renting a Volvo from Europcar for your next trip.

Volvo looking to the future

Because environmental protection is one of Volvo’s top priorities, the company is investing heavily in electric and hybrid vehicles. The C40 Recharge is an electric crossover vehicle that offers all the features of a regular Volvo in a more environmentally friendly package and with a range of up to 400 kilometres. Drive with Volvo and experience the mobility of tomorrow.
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Rent a Volvo from Europcar

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We’re constantly updating our fleet to provide you with a wide range of options – from compact cars and electric vehicles to cabriolets, luxury cars and vans.
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