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The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (bfu) recommends a minimum of 3,000 km before taking the driving test. This is equivalent to about 100 hours, divided between instructor-led and private driving lessons.

With the new SEAT Ibiza with dual pedals, Europcar provides you with the ideal car for private driving lessons. 
With the accelerator, brake pedal and clutch on the passenger side, a second rear and wing mirror and warning sensors around the vehicle, the passenger can assist the learner driver in critical situations. Furthermore, the speed and fuel gauges are clearly visible to the passenger on the radio display.


Vehicles for private driving lessons

Parents and friends often have vehicles with automatic transmission, which are unsuitable for driving lessons or in which the passenger feels unsafe because of the lack of possibilities for intervention.

You can rent the SEAT Ibiza for half a day, for the evening or by the day and enjoy stress-free practice lessons such as mountain driving, parking manoeuvres and changing lanes.

Vehicles for driving instructors

Every car needs to go into the garage at some stage. If you need your vehicle for work, Europcar will provide you with a replacement car on attractive terms when your car goes in for a service or repairs. This means you will always remain mobile and can avoid downtime thanks to short-term availability.

Package Price Included Extra km
1 to 4 hours 85.00 CHF unlimited km 0.00 CHF
5 to 8 hours 130.00 CHF unlimited km 0.00 CHF
from 17:00 to 08:30
130.00 CHF unlimited km 0.00 CHF
1 to 2 days 169.00 CHF/Day 150 km pro Tag 0.60 CHF
3 to 6 days 135.00 CHF/Day 150 km per day 0.60 CHF
7 to 13 days 108.00 CHF/Day 150 km per day 0.60 CHF
14+ days 86.00 CHF/Day 150 km per day 0.60 CHF

Deductible CHF 500; including additional driver, value added tax, young driver surcharge, vehicle tax and winter equipment; from all stations in Switzerland except agencies and airport stations


Double pedals
Parking sensors
Additional mirrors
Manual handbrake ABS/ESP/airbag
Integrated driving school mode in the radio

The advantages at a glance:


  • Double pedals
  • Additional mirrors
  • Manual handbrake
  • Start/stop system
  • ABS/ESP/airbag
  • Parking sensors
  • Integrated driving school mode in the radio

Gift Voucher:

Give away a giftvoucher for someones 18th birthday or for passing the theory test.

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So that learning how to drive is even more fun and enjoyable. accompanies you up to your driving licence.


Why Europcar?

  • Only new rental cars

  • No hidden charges

  • 24 hour roadside assistance

  • Flight delayed? We'll wait for you


    1. The student must be in possession of a valid class B driving licence and must be at least 18 years old.

    2. The co - driver must be at least 23 years of age and have held the undated driving licence for at least three years.

    3. During private driving lessons, the student driver and co-driver (renter) must be present at the pickup of the vehicle. 

    4. Driving instructors may rent the vehicles for commercial lessons, only if a driving instructor's licence is presented at the takeover.

    5. The driver instructor keeps a driver protocol, thus the registration of the learning driver (additional driver) is invalid with the assumption of the vehicle.
    6. The co-driver/driving instructor is legally responsible for the student during the entire rental period. 

    7. The co-driver/driving instructor is obliged to comply with the statutory provisions

    8. No one-way rental and border crossing is allowed.
    9. The General Conditions of Europcar Switzerland apply.

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