Terms & Conditions


Specific Terms and Conditions of hire in Switzerland

Effective in Switzerland in combination with the General Terms and Conditions AMAG Services AG. All prices include VAT. Subject to change without notice.

Additional drivers
CHF 14.- per driver and per day (max. CHF 140.- per driver and rental).

Administration charges
In the event of a fine/penalty CHF 35.-. In the event of a damage/accident CHF 85.-.

Cancellation fee
CHF 75.- for bookings made in Switzerland.

Child seats, seat cushions
Children up to the age of 12 years or 150 cm body height need a booster seat, preferably with a backrest. Child seat for 9–18 kg: CHF 69.50 per rental. Child seat for 15–30 kg: CHF 56.- per rental. Cushion: CHF 40.- per rental.

LAF (road tax)
CHF 4.60 per day.

Legal regulations applicable to hired vehicles with more than eight, but not more than 16 seats except driver’s seat (Driver's license category D1)
Obligatory Certificate of Competence: It is the sole responsibility of the hirer to obtain detailed information on legal regulations and to ensure compliance with them. Obligatory trip recorder: The vehicles are equipped with a trip recorder. Drivers who are not using the vehicle for commercial purposes in Switzerland do not need a digital driver's card (Set trip recorder to “out”). Obligatory speed restriction: The vehicles are equipped with a speed restrictor that limits the maximum speed to 100 km/h as required by law.

Vehicles with more than eight, but not more than16 seats except the driver's seat may only be driven by persons resident in Switzerland with a Swiss driver's license of category D1.

The hirer is not permitted to leave Switzerland with a 12-seater vehicle.
The hirer is not permitted to use a 12-seater vehicle for commercial purposes.

“No Show” fee – Failure to collect the vehicle
CHF 250.-.

One-way rentals
Basically allowed. There may be a fee, depending on the vehicle class and the place where the vehicle is returned. Additional information is available by telephone on 0848 80 80 99 or at our rental locations.

Protection & Insurance
Liability insurance:  covers third party liability.

CDW: (Protection collision/accident) covers damage up to the deductible. THW: (Protection theft) covers damage up to the deductible. LDW/BASIC: (Package protection collision/accident/theft) covers damage up to the deductible.

SCDW: (Extended protection collision/accident) with reduced deductible. STHW: (Extended protection theft) with reduced deductible. MEDIUM:(Package extended protection collision/accident/theft, passenger insurance, protection for glass/lights/tyres) with reduced deductible.

SPCDW: (Premium protection collision/accident) with deductible CHF 0.00. SPTHW: (Premium protection theft) with deductible CHF 0.00. PREMIUM: (Premium package protection collision/accident/theft), passenger insurance, protection for glass/lights/tyres) with deductible CHF 0.00 for all drivers registered on the rental agreement who are at least 26 years old.

RSA: Covers the towing costs in the event of self-inflicted damage in the following cases: lack of refuelling/incorrect fuel selection, flat tyre, locking or loss of the key, flat battery. If the protection is not taken out, the towing fee will be charged at cost, but at least CHF 175.- per event.

PAI: (Passenger insurance) provides cover for passengers in the event of accident, disability and death.

WWI: (Protection for glass/lights/tyres) provides cover without excess.

GIT: (Goods insurance) provides cover for goods.

Service charge
At airport locations, 20 % of the net value of the rental and protections/insurances.

Ski racks
CHF 59.- per set and rental.

Snow chains
CHF 10.- per day (max. CHF 100.- per rental).

Vehicle delivery and pickup
Per trip CHF 50.- up to and including 15 km; CHF 3.- per additional kilometer. On request.

Winter equipment (Winter tyres and ice scrapers)
CHF 9.- per day (maximum CHF 144.- per rental). Included in most rates.

Young drivers (under 25 years of age)
CHF 19.90 per day (max. CHF 199.- per rental).

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