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Europcar claims management

Claims management at Europcar – fair and transparent

As a leading mobility service provider, customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we guarantee fair and transparent claims management so that your rental runs smoothly.

We understand that claims management is a sensitive issue and want you to feel happy renting vehicles from us. Even if the vehicle is damaged, this does not necessarily mean you’ll be charged; we assess each case individually.


Our claims management at a glance

✔ Inspection of all vehicles in accordance with quality and safety standards

✔ Detailed documentation of previous damage added to the rental agreement

✔ Personal vehicle check during vehicle handover*

✔ Joint assessment of damage found on vehicle return*

✔ Save on administration fees and pay for minor new damage there and then, according to the ‘light damage’ price list available for consultation at all Europcar rental locations.


*During regular opening hours and limited during peak hours.


The following applies to airport rentals and deliveries: if the vehicle isn't handed over to you in person, report any undocumented previous damage to our location staff before departure and photograph the damage (including the date).




What should I do in the event of an accident or damage?

Please refer to Section 9 of our terms and conditions: LINK

✔   Notify the police and Europcar immediately. This also applies to accidents for which you are responsible without the involvement of third parties or if objects have been damaged, e.g., walls, crash barriers, fences, hedges, etc.

✔   Fill out the European Road Accident Report AND the Europcar claim report. You will find the documents with the vehicle documentation. LINK Pdf Europcar claim report


Damage found when returning the vehicle

If you discover damage when returning the vehicle to a Europcar employee, you can acknowledge it by signing the invoice/cost summary.


→ Light damage that does not prevent the vehicle from being driven safely can be charged directly to the rental contract straight away without any administration fees.

→ Serious damage is repaired either on the basis of an expert’s report or calculated using a cost estimate from an independent car repair shop.
You will be asked to complete a Europcar claim report and our Claims Department will invoice you for the costs plus an administration fee using the payment methods stated in the rental contract.


If you dispute the damage, please note this on the Europcar claim report. Our Claims Department will then review the case in view of your liability and the insurance cover you took out. If you are asked to settle any outstanding costs, you will be sent a corresponding repair invoice or a calculation of costs.



Damage discovered after vehicle return and your departure

(e.g., if you dropped off the vehicle outside opening hours)


If the Europcar employee discovers damage during an inspection of the vehicle after you have returned the vehicle and departed, we will send you the following documents by e-mail (or post):

- Statement detailing the return of the vehicle including a description of all damage found

- Photos of the damage

- Europcar claim report


If you dispute the damage found, you must contact us by e-mail or letter within 14 days of receiving the documents. Once this 14-day period has elapsed, Europcar may charge you for the repair costs and the administration fee.


Please note that based on our terms and conditions, your rental agreement does not automatically end when you return the vehicle keys. The rental agreement ends only once the vehicle keys have been received by a Europcar employee or a person authorised by Europcar who inspects the vehicle and ends the rental agreement.


Your right to object

If you dispute your invoice for damages, please send your objection to our Claims Department: claims@europcar.ch.





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